Evenimente Clubbing: Guesthouse Terrace Opening Party



Guesthouse Terrace opens up for flings, friends and floaty summer feelings!
Sun is up, shades are on … and yet another summer fling has just begun! What is to be done?
After a long winter with the longest parties in town and all the unstoppable afterhours frenzy, the Guesthouse crew is up for some summer love with an AIRY, FLOATY, TINGLY feeling inside! Could it be just another fling? It might, but we bet the GUESTHOUSE TERRACE OPENING might also have something to do with it 
This season, our mood of relaxation and serenity, of just hanging around with friends, of getting to the bottom of things rather than just acting out on a whim, translates itself both in the terrace design and events schedule.
The Guesthouse Terrace awaits you starting 4 PM Monday – Sunday with:
 lots of comfortable cushions and modular surfaces u can rest your bones on – be it with ur latest fling or closest friends
 some low priced summerish cocktails for the ladies – prepared by the most party enduring bartender of all
 a cult movie night with Sherifu
 the only real acting studio in town with Dan Popa aka Doctoru’
 some energizing day time parties in the weekends, yet to be announced
and more to it:
 EACH DAY- starting 8PM we will be SHOWCASING a varied selection of local underground artists, some of the few internationally acclaimed Romanian DJs, plus some infamous superstar appearances TBC.
In the end A BIG UP to all the people that helped us stay connected to music at its finest: friends, promoters, DJs and THE CROWD!!
More info and reservations: 0742.958.319


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